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Reflections From The Farm

This morning I received a wonderful gift . . . . . . . . . I spent some extra time outdoors with the herd doing normal everyday barn chores and my “gift” was a huge attitude adjustment.

February, just another month on the calendar when you look at the word RIGHT? For me February is more than a word, the second month on the calendar; it is now and always has been an entire month that I spend restless, grumpy, unproductive and in general not a nice person. Very thankful for a husband who has tolerated the “me” I become every February; this happens to be the 34th one spent together. Goodness, he is one amazing person but that is not the topic for my reflections on this day.

By now, if you are still reading, you have probably detected that winter is a challenging time for me. The days are short, it is cold, too much time spent indoors which often feels like a prison sentence to me, not enough sunlight, the days are short, and it is gray and overcast much of the time during the dreaded month of FEBRUARY. Did I mention the days are short? Honestly when winter arrives I like it; I love watching all of nature go to sleep for the season and I look at it as my own time to rest, rejuvenate and work on all of those neglected projects that need to be done in the house. We are avid bird watchers and one of the great things about the season change from fall to winter is the change in birds; our summer residents are gone and the winter species begin gracing our feeders. And so it goes until time to turn the page on the calendar to FEBRUARY; something crazy snaps in me on the first of that month and I am done with winter when in reality it is just getting into full swing in our location.

Now to share with you the “gift” that is my life here on the farm. Taking that time this morning to go through barn chores [I must find a new term for that morning ritual as “chore” says unpleasant and that routine is always the best part of my day] and savor my surroundings provided me with an overwhelming calm. It is February, the ground covered by a blanket of snow, and on this morning the temperature was rising which created a fog/mist in the air that buffered the sounds even more. The haze, the quiet, the alpacas all helped me to breathe more slowly and to look around and soak in the beauty. I am so very fortunate to live/work on this gorgeous property in Missouri; rolling pastures with a huge old oak tree scattered here and there, gentle alpacas gracing those pastures and birds of all kinds everywhere.

I will end this day with a peaceful heart overflowing with gratitude for the amazing life I live here on the farm. Yes it is hard work and the “to do” list is always long and never finished; bottom line is I love nature, the outdoors and animals of all kinds. Every single day I am realizing my dreams and am certain I will survive the remainder of February and begin thinking about the first hummingbirds of spring.

Special note of gratitude to my husband, my sister, and some close friends who have endured my winter whining lately . . . . . . thank you for your tolerance and support, without all of you I surely would not survive February.

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